Why Should You Sing To Your Baby?

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Being a mother or father brings several challenges and one of them is putting the baby to sleep. Many parents use a variety of resources like a hot bath before bed, playing with the baby until they get tired, or just being close and singing.

Even parents who never sang to others end up singing some notes for their little ones, sometimes with decorated lyrics, sometimes with invented ones or simply humming words without words.

My son loves when I play the karaoke and start singing, after two or three songs he falls asleep.

It may be the maternal and paternal instinct that leads moms and dads to reassure their children and allow them a pleasant rest. Or does this desire come because when we were babies they did exactly the same for us?

Studies show that newborns recognize the mother’s voice from gestation. Psychiatrists have found that children between 3 and 6 months can form long-term memories. Therefore, parents are most responsible for forming the first memories of children, which can be remembered clearly or not as the child grows. These memories may seem blocked because the baby does not yet have the language, but they are there and will flow at some point even if the child, adolescent or adult does not recognize it as a reminder of their remote past. Being music, it becomes easier to be recognized.

Singing for a baby is transmitting much more than just sounds. Not just at bedtime, but at playtime and in preparation for routine activities such as pre-meal singing, bathing, traveling, and family gatherings. Music will convey feelings and teachings embedded in gestures, words and melodies. There is plenty of music for children to learn the names of body parts, objects, food, memory, rhythm and finally release their own voice. Parents can also find fun and educational songs, which to their astonishment will last in the family and be considered music.
Children exposed to the loving sounds of parents feel safer, happier, gradually develop their senses in a fun way and expand their culture.

Parents, in addition to developing a talent that could be hidden or underutilized, benefit from the tightening of the bonds created by close contact with their children and may be surprised by pleasant future events.

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