Snoo Smart Sleeper – Review, Pros Cons and Cheaper Alternative

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The Snoo Smart Sleeper.- You have a baby and you love being a parent, but you recognize that sometimes trying to put your baby to sleep while crying can get you to despair; perhaps you have tried everything and as usual, the only thing that calms them down is holding them in your arms and swinging them just to wake up when you lay them down on the crib.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper was designed by proffesionals of the company “Happiest Baby” precisely to help parents catch a break and help the newborn dream peacefully by imitating some of the womb movements and sounds.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper has the shape of the traditional bassinet, featuring sensors, microphones, speakers and motors that respond automatically to the cry of a baby, producing smooth movements and emitting soothing sounds. The invention has the endorsement of many American pediatricians.



It is a baby crib with the ability to wrap the baby and automatically move or shake in different intensities stopping their crying and calming them down until they finally fall asleep. (Video)


Baby wrapping is a well-known technique that mimics the pressure and lack of space felt in the womb, which goes relatively well for babies who have a very pronounced Moorish reflex and who with almost any involuntary movement are exalted and wake up. The repetitive movements of the parents are also a technique that resemble the shaking that a baby experiences inside the womb and that is why they calm down and fall asleep.


  • The Snoo Smart Sleeper’s mechanisms provide the following characteristics:
  • Sensitive environmental light sensor for adjusting the intensity of the LED light.
  • Three different sounds to calm the baby’s crying.
  • Multiple microphones with audio processing to detect the source of the sound.
  • 4 GHz wireless, 802.11 b / g / n WiFi with independent control switch.
  • Safety clips that adjust the sheets to the crib.
  • Unique powertrain designed for 10 million continuous motion cycles. If the baby wakes up and cries, the movement intensifies.
  • An app for parental control.


The SNOO SMART SLEEPER is a very useful tool, it perfectly fulfills its purpose and allows us to rest a bit when we struggle to put our baby to sleep, the design and functions are quite safe and the fact that pediatricians endorse it gives us confidence that we are not putting our newborn in danger.

With that said, it is important to note that the crib does not replace the heat, smell and voice of mom and dad, so it is not a cradle designed to leave the baby there every time they cry, we should see it as an aid and not as a substitute.

I consider the price quite high, because although its technology is very advanced and therefore its value is justified, it is a dispensable product, although if you have the economic resources to acquire it, it is a great crib.

In case you have decided to buy it, here I leave you the Amazon links for purchase.




Now that we have talked about the Snoo Smart Sleeper, I present you a more affordable alternative, which is the MamaRoo bouncer by 4moms which works using a similar logic, but instead of a crib, this is a swing that mimics the movement of mom, of a car ride (some kids fall immediately asleep inside the automobile), a kangaroo, a tree swing or ocean waves.






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You can also choose between five different speeds and five different nature sounds. Of course, the MamaRoo bouncer’s downside is that it is not a crib, therefore, once your baby has entered into the dreamworld you will have to put them on their bed.

Here I leave the links in case you want to purchase the Mama Roo Bouncer.


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