Over The Counter Cream For Baby Yeast Infection

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By Emmanuel Tristan M.D.


Over The Counter Cream For Baby Yeast Infection – There is a high possibility of your baby having a handful of diaper rashes, especially between the ages of 4 months and 15 months. This tends to get worse once your baby starts eating more solid foods.

Once the diaper rash is stubborn and refuses to disappear despite your best efforts, then it may be a yeast diaper rash. This infection is caused by a yeast (fungus) called Candida, which grows best in warm and moist places like under a wet diaper.

Nursing mothers taking antibiotics make their child more liable to have a yeast diaper rash. Other known culprits include; too-tight diapers, frequent bowel movements, acids in the stool, and reactions to soaps or ingredients employed in the cleaning of cloth diapers.

The symptoms of yeast diaper rash include;

  • When the red rash is bold and contained in a slightly raised border.
  • When the rash is still there after two days of diaper rash treatments.
  • When you notice red or scaly areas in the pubic area.


  • Let the baby go diaper free for at least half an hour daily.
  • Keep your baby’s buttocks clean and dry
  • Clean the diaper area with water after each diaper change.
  • Allow the area to air-dry
  • Wash your hands before and after each diaper change
  • Use unscented and alcohol-free wipes
  • Use breathable diaper covers


It may not be necessary to consult your pediatrician when it comes to the treatment of yeast diaper rash. In most cases, these infections can be conquered with the simple use of some over-the-counter topical treatments.

The three common types of anti-fungal treatment creams mentioned below are available without a prescription:

Nystatin (brand name: Mycostatin)

Clotrimazole (brand name: Lotrimin)

Miconazole Micatin (brand name: Monistat-Derm)

Failure for the infection to subside after the normal four to seven days of treatment most times prescribed on the label means you should consult your doctor.

It is also important to consult your pediatrician if your baby starts developing a fever or if the rash starts oozing or has open sores. This could be an indication of a bacterial infection that requires urgent medical attention.

Call your pediatrician if;

  • Your infant is six weeks old or less
  • The rash doesn’t subside or is getting worse
  • There is a spread of the rash to the back, arms, face or abdomen
  • Fever is noticed alongside the rash
  • Blisters, pimples, or large sores filled with pus is noticed

If an office visit is recommended by your doctor, he/she will most times diagnose the rash by simply observing it. The simple test your doctor may carry out to confirm that it is yeast is a KOH test. To carry out this test, a scraping is taken and observed under the microscope to see if yeast is present.

You most likely would have changed about a million diapers in the first few months of you bringing your baby home. And then one day, you notice your baby’s precious little buttocks red and inflamed – diaper rash. There are diverse products on the market that heal diaper rash. Chances are you have tried many of these products if you have experienced diaper rash before. The question is, have you tried using Lotrimin AF (the foot fungus cream) for diaper rash? Here’s the low-down.

It is highly likely that most babies would have experienced a case of diaper rash before the age of three. This shouldn’t be a cause for worry – it is normal. The most important thing is to get your infant feeling comfortable and to be honest, getting back to sleep as quickly as possible. There is a wide range of diaper rash, from minor irritation on your infant’s bottom to full-blown with bumps and even bleeding areas. Minor cases of diaper rash may not disturb your baby that much. However, in advanced cases, it can make infants uncomfortable, and keep them crying all night long. And most minor cases can deteriorate to full-blown diaper rash very quickly.


Whenever there is an overgrowth of yeast (secondary candidiasis) in a moist area, full-blown diaper rash occurs. Whenever you notice red lumps around the edges of the diaper rash, this is an indication that yeast is present. An antifungal cream is required whenever yeast is involved.

One of the main ingredients present in antifungal creams is clotrimazole. One of the leading brands is Lotrimin AF. Do not mind the foot you see on the packaging; it is an anti-yeast product that works well for diaper rash. The principle behind the functionality of antifungal creams is by altering how the yeast cells absorb through their cell walls. This will eventually kill the yeast that is growing in the diaper area. One of the important things to consider when you are shopping for an over-the-counter (OTC) anti-fungal medication is the presence of clotrimazole or any other “-azole.” Other anti-fungal creams without the “-azole” in it work on other types of fungi but not yeast.

Whenever you are using an antifungal cream such as Lotrimin AF for diaper rash, mix a little amount of it with your diaper rash cream and apply to the affected diaper area.


Apart from using an anti-fungal cream such as Lotrimin AF, there are other procedures you should take when your baby has diaper rash. These procedures should fully adhere to irrespective of whether or not your infant has yeast present.

The first thing is to make sure you increase how often you change your infant’s diapers and ensure that they aren’t too tight. Most times your infant may have grown and might require a bigger size. An environment that is perfect for diaper rash can be created when diapers are too tight. You should also help your infant’s bottom breathe by letting them go diaperless for short periods of time. It is also advisable to use a warm washcloth instead of a wipe, which can be more soothing to that sore bottom.

Finally, after every diaper change, ensure that you apply diaper rash cream. They help protect the infant’s bottom by forming a kind of physical barrier against dirty diapers.

Note: if the diaper rash persists after two to three days, see a dermatologist or a pediatrician.



Best Convertible Cribs of 2018

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BEST CONVERTIBLE CRIBS OF 2018.- It is impossible to avoid the growth of our baby, we look back and only a few months ago they fit in one arm when suddenly we need both to carry them, we realize that all the baby things have to be adapted to their age, which is why it is very convenient to get a convertible crib. For many, buying the crib and then the kid’s bed can be an exaggerated expense, luckly we also have cribs that transform into beds for children and in this post I share to you the best convertible cribs of this year 2018:


Dream On Me Ashton 5 in 1 Convertible Crib

One of the best convertible cribs due to its versatility is the 5 in 1 by Dream On Me; With its solid pine wood finish this crib converts into a bed for small children, a sofa bed and a full-size bed (with 2 setup options – with or without footboard). The cons are that it is pricey and the conversion kit is bought separately.




Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib


This Crib converts to bed for small children, child’s bed and full-size bed, it includes bed support for small children, guard rails for children and conversion rails for cribs are sold separately. It is a hard to assemble crib so you will need patience.



Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer


This is one of the best convertible cribs, it is useful and practical, although it may look a little big, the Portofino 4 in 1 convertible crib and changer is ideal for small-medium spaces, it offers plenty of storage with its three drawers and open shelves. This crib and changing mat turns into a kid’s bed (The Storkcraft Guard Guard for small children is not included, so you have to get it separately). It also turns into a Daybed and Full-Size Bed (You have to get the Storkcraft Full- Size Crib Conversion Kit separately).

A downside is that it has a strong smell that some people may find annoying.



 Graco Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Drawer

The Graco Solano Convertible Crib has clean and attractive lines, it is versatile in growing with your child by converting from crib to child’s bed (child handrail not included), sofa bed and a full size bed.
This crib also features an adjustable mattress base height of three positions so you can lower the mattress to accommodate your baby’s growth.

Downside: Due to the drawer’s position you will find tricky getting to close the bed and reach your kid.



Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

The Stork Craft Tuscany Convertible Crib has well constructed solid finishes.  Designed for multiple stages of life and featuring a support for mattress base with three adjustable positions; it converts from a full-size stage crib into a child’s bed, a bed, a full-size bed (bed lanes and convertion kit not included).

Cons: It scratches very easily, so you have to be careful.



DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 Convertible Crib

The Da Vinci Kalani Convertible Crib is one of the most populars and most beloved ones. It is charming and functional for today’s moms. It has the advantage of being able to be converted into a trainer bed, known as Daybed and later to a double bed. It has everything you need for your baby. It has 4 mattress heights and the rails for conversion to a double bed are sold separately.

Downside: The finish is vey delicate and it scratches easily almost with anything, so you will have to be very careful.



 See our shop and find the coolest stuff for your children.

Video That Will Make You Feel Proud of Being a Dad

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Being a father is simply a feeling that words can’t describe, I have been a couple of hours here in front of my computer trying to write the right words of what I feel when I see my little son saying his first words, the party he makes when I come back from work and the sadness but at the same time joy every time I see him outgrow his clothes.

So I thought I better will show you a video that describes what it is like being a dad ut in a fun way:


Snoo Smart Sleeper – Review, Pros Cons and Cheaper Alternative

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The Snoo Smart Sleeper.- You have a baby and you love being a parent, but you recognize that sometimes trying to put your baby to sleep while crying can get you to despair; perhaps you have tried everything and as usual, the only thing that calms them down is holding them in your arms and swinging them just to wake up when you lay them down on the crib.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper was designed by proffesionals of the company “Happiest Baby” precisely to help parents catch a break and help the newborn dream peacefully by imitating some of the womb movements and sounds.

The Snoo Smart Sleeper has the shape of the traditional bassinet, featuring sensors, microphones, speakers and motors that respond automatically to the cry of a baby, producing smooth movements and emitting soothing sounds. The invention has the endorsement of many American pediatricians.



It is a baby crib with the ability to wrap the baby and automatically move or shake in different intensities stopping their crying and calming them down until they finally fall asleep. (Video)


Baby wrapping is a well-known technique that mimics the pressure and lack of space felt in the womb, which goes relatively well for babies who have a very pronounced Moorish reflex and who with almost any involuntary movement are exalted and wake up. The repetitive movements of the parents are also a technique that resemble the shaking that a baby experiences inside the womb and that is why they calm down and fall asleep.


  • The Snoo Smart Sleeper’s mechanisms provide the following characteristics:
  • Sensitive environmental light sensor for adjusting the intensity of the LED light.
  • Three different sounds to calm the baby’s crying.
  • Multiple microphones with audio processing to detect the source of the sound.
  • 4 GHz wireless, 802.11 b / g / n WiFi with independent control switch.
  • Safety clips that adjust the sheets to the crib.
  • Unique powertrain designed for 10 million continuous motion cycles. If the baby wakes up and cries, the movement intensifies.
  • An app for parental control.


The SNOO SMART SLEEPER is a very useful tool, it perfectly fulfills its purpose and allows us to rest a bit when we struggle to put our baby to sleep, the design and functions are quite safe and the fact that pediatricians endorse it gives us confidence that we are not putting our newborn in danger.

With that said, it is important to note that the crib does not replace the heat, smell and voice of mom and dad, so it is not a cradle designed to leave the baby there every time they cry, we should see it as an aid and not as a substitute.

I consider the price quite high, because although its technology is very advanced and therefore its value is justified, it is a dispensable product, although if you have the economic resources to acquire it, it is a great crib.

In case you have decided to buy it, here I leave you the Amazon links for purchase.




Now that we have talked about the Snoo Smart Sleeper, I present you a more affordable alternative, which is the MamaRoo bouncer by 4moms which works using a similar logic, but instead of a crib, this is a swing that mimics the movement of mom, of a car ride (some kids fall immediately asleep inside the automobile), a kangaroo, a tree swing or ocean waves.






YouTube: please specify correct url

You can also choose between five different speeds and five different nature sounds. Of course, the MamaRoo bouncer’s downside is that it is not a crib, therefore, once your baby has entered into the dreamworld you will have to put them on their bed.

Here I leave the links in case you want to purchase the Mama Roo Bouncer.


Inflatable Slides For This Summer of 2018

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Inflatable Sliders For 2018

Inflatable Slides.- Summers are boring, especially for children. The real reason is that children are on summer break and mommies are mostly not in the mood to take them outside for any activity because of the scorching heat of the sun. Even if they take them out for a fun activity, on swimming pool, beach or lake, it is hard to go there every single day. Packing the things up like swimsuits, lifejackets, and snacks is a hell of a task. Swimming classes are also very expensive these days. Luckily there are many options nowadays, which can be availed at home and your children will be having fun all day long.

Below we have compiled a list of the 6 best inflatable sildes that your kids will definitely love this summer of 2018.

Pirate Blaster

Children love to play and pretend like pirates. Especially boys, they have this very instinct to play just like pirates do. All their games are on this theme. If your boys love to play like this, Pirate Blaster is just the sure thing that you need this summer. It can hold up to five kids and has a water slide, a climbing wall, a bouncer, a splash pool and a tunnel that leads to the bouncer. It has very nice orange and blue color, not very cheesy like most of the inflatable items have. It is recommended for children of age 3 and above.

Get it on Amazon.

Banzai Slide n Soak Splash Park

Banzai Slide n Soak Splash Park is one of the things your kids will definitely love. It has a water slide, a small climbing wall, and a lagoon-style splash pool. It also has a stream of water that blasts the kids as they go down the slide. It is recommended for age 7 and above.

Get it on Amazon.

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes is a well- known brand in children toys. It has a great collection of inflatable water slides. One of these is Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer. It has two slides, a rock climbing wall, and a splash pool. It has the capacity of 4 kids or 350 pounds. It is one of the highest ranked inflatable slides on Amazon.

Get it on Amazon.


Blast Zone Ultra Croc HUGE Inflatable Water Park

As the name suggests, this is a huge structure. It has three slides, three splash pools, two spray tunnels and a climbing wall. The kids will go up the croc wall first and from there, they will choose one of the slides to go down, splashing into the respective pool below. It can hold up to four kids of age 3 and above. Before buying, just make sure your backyard is big enough to accommodate this giant inflatable slide.

Get it con Amazon.


Blast zone hydro rush

The Hydro rush water park is one of the best things for children of age three and above. It can hold up to 6 kids at a time. It has a water cannon that rests on a slide. This makes it fun because children can shoot their friends or siblings with a blast of water.

Get it on Amazon.


Little Tikes Slam n Curve

Another awesome product is Little Tikes is Slam and Curve. It contains a slide, a splash pool, a climbing wall and a small basketball hoop. Throw some plastic balls into the pool and your kids will have a lot of fun. It can hold up to three kids at a time.


Get it on Amazon.


Safety always comes first. Whether your children are playing in the bathtub or on the inflatable slide, supervision is needed. After all, you are dealing with water, pools, and kids. A parent or guardian should always be present there while the children play in the water park.

The Pacifier – Pros and Cons

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The pacifier is one of the things that we always have to carry inside the bag of the newborn, and is usually released in the early days.

Newborn babies have two types of suction, which they bring from the belly:

1) The food: It is the one that allows them to suck and swallow, that is to say, that serves the function of feeding and calming the feeling of hunger.
2) Non-nutritive suction: is the one that helps you to calm down alone, it is suction for pleasure. When the baby sucks on the fingers, pacifier or other objects not related to feeding, it is non-nutritive suction. It is completely normal in fetal and neonatal development.

In general, 85 percent of babies use pacifiers and the remaining 15 percent suck their thumbs. The use of the pacifier decreases with age and should be suspended around 2 years or 2 ½ years.

At this age the child no longer needs to suck and its use goes against dental development.

In the first days of life it is advised to breastfeed the baby on demand and not offer the pacifier. The child has to repeat the sucking of the mother’s nipple frequently, since they are learning to feed themselves and need contact and maternal warmth. If we offer the pacifier at this stage, “nipple confusion” may occur, since the way to suckle the breast and the pacifier or teat of the bottle is different and can delay breastfeeding.

In the first few weeks, the infant can use the breast of the mother as comforting, and after the lactation is established – something that usually occurs in 15 or 20 days – we can offer the pacifier.


Reassuring effect

Sucking at certain times as colic or other discomfort moments produces a pleasant effect on children because it allows them to discharge their tensions.

Babies, and especially the little ones, do not have the movable elements to discharge their energies; then, in these cases we can resort to the soothing effect of the pacifier.

When breastfeeding is already established, it is also a good resource, since sometimes the mother can not offer the breast at all times when the child wishes to suck.

The pacifier is a great resource for children with colic or irritable babies, in multiple pregnancies or complicated puerperium.


Prevention of Sudden Death Syndrome.

Another of the advantages of the pacifier is that it has been identified as one of the factors that decrease the risk of sudden death.

That is why it is recommended to place the pacifier at bedtime, from the time the baby has regained birth weight and lactation was established.

In babies who are not breastfed, the pacifier can be incorporated in advance.

In any case, you should not insist on rejecting it.


Alterations in teeth

Nonnutritive sucking habits have been related to dental malocclusions: permanent open mouth, and inverted bite.

The first is the most common and tends to be improved by suspending pacifier use. The second is observed when pacifier use goes beyond 3 years of age, and requires the intervention of the pediatric dentist.

Also in children who prolong the use of the pacifier is observed a greater number of caries. This is because when eating, the pacifier is in contact with food remains and sugary drinks, increasing the risk of tooth decay.


Baby Playpens, How to choose the one that fits my baby’s needs.

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There are multiple types of playpens where you leave your baby while playing. The important thing is that they are resistant and adapted to the needs of the parents and the baby.

It is common that parents need to perform another activities in which they require a lot of concentration, so it is essential that they have a place to leave their babies. While this happens, a safe option for the baby are pens.

There is a great variety: wood, grating, plastic, transportable, but it is difficult to choose the right one.

First, you must decide whether to buy a used or new yard. There is also the option that someone can give you a second hand, but in these cases and when you opt for a used one, you must take into account the date of manufacture. Ideally, after 2000, it was found that some models before that date had structural weaknesses and were more easily broken. Besides, it was much easier for the baby to escape.

Anyway, one of the basics that you should focus on to choose a playpen that the separation between the grids of the mesh is not more than half a centimeter, since any part of the baby’s body can get trapped.

The recommendation is similar in the case of wooden pens. The separation should be minimal, not more than ten centimeters. This prevents your hands, head, feet or arms from getting tangled between the edges of the pen.

If the yard has some kind of mattress or blanket, you should not add another because the baby can become entangled or drowned. If you think it’s too cold, better put more clothes on your baby.

If you choose to use the crib as a playpen, you should note that it has a weight limit, usually 13 kilos, and you should not overload it. Ideally, if you are going to use it as a playpen, this is maximum up to ten months. Thus, your baby can play quietly in it until about two years.

You may find many interesting playpens here.

Security tips

The edges of the playpen must be covered.
There should be no broken edge or element that could cause any harm to the baby.
You should not miss any screws or staples of the pen, as this could cause it to disarm and hurt your baby.
The playpen should be installed away from plugs, stairs, places where the sun directly arrives and drafts.
Do not locate two babies in a pen designed just for one.
If the barnyard has a changer, you should remove it when the baby is inside.
When installing the playpen, you must take care that each part is in the correct and firm place. Otherwise, the pen may collapse on the small one or, when leaning on the edges, an adult will fall on the baby.

Why Should You Sing To Your Baby?

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Being a mother or father brings several challenges and one of them is putting the baby to sleep. Many parents use a variety of resources like a hot bath before bed, playing with the baby until they get tired, or just being close and singing.

Even parents who never sang to others end up singing some notes for their little ones, sometimes with decorated lyrics, sometimes with invented ones or simply humming words without words.

My son loves when I play the karaoke and start singing, after two or three songs he falls asleep.

It may be the maternal and paternal instinct that leads moms and dads to reassure their children and allow them a pleasant rest. Or does this desire come because when we were babies they did exactly the same for us?

Studies show that newborns recognize the mother’s voice from gestation. Psychiatrists have found that children between 3 and 6 months can form long-term memories. Therefore, parents are most responsible for forming the first memories of children, which can be remembered clearly or not as the child grows. These memories may seem blocked because the baby does not yet have the language, but they are there and will flow at some point even if the child, adolescent or adult does not recognize it as a reminder of their remote past. Being music, it becomes easier to be recognized.

Singing for a baby is transmitting much more than just sounds. Not just at bedtime, but at playtime and in preparation for routine activities such as pre-meal singing, bathing, traveling, and family gatherings. Music will convey feelings and teachings embedded in gestures, words and melodies. There is plenty of music for children to learn the names of body parts, objects, food, memory, rhythm and finally release their own voice. Parents can also find fun and educational songs, which to their astonishment will last in the family and be considered music.
Children exposed to the loving sounds of parents feel safer, happier, gradually develop their senses in a fun way and expand their culture.

Parents, in addition to developing a talent that could be hidden or underutilized, benefit from the tightening of the bonds created by close contact with their children and may be surprised by pleasant future events.

Home Remedies To Manage Common Illness At Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman and it is a life changing journey however pregnancy can be overwhelming and discomforting as a result of lowering of the immune system, hence most pregnant woman are susceptible to illnesses during this period. There is however no cause for alarm because most of these illnesses are treatable with modification of lifestyle, diet or even home remedies. About 9 out of every 10 women would get sick in pregnancy because of this reduced immunity. This is a guide to help you through this period for most common illness and discomfort and help you have a pregnancy you would enjoy, however be sure to consult your doctor, if symptoms are severe or are getting worse.


Nausea and vomiting

This is very common especially early in pregnancy (the first trimester), it usually occurs because of hormonal changes in pregnancy, commonly called morning sickness, it could be more severe in some women known as hyperemesis gravidarum and requiring hospital admission.

Home remedies include:

  • Having a plain biscuit and a cup of tea in the morning, because it is usually worse on an empty stomach.
  • Ginger supplements have been known to be helpful
  • Dietary modifications such as eating small quantities of high carbohydrate meals such as bread, pasta and potatoes
  • Drink plenty of fluid
  • Get adequate rest
  • Try distracting yourself as much as you can by watching some movies, going shopping for baby clothing or have a friend visit


  • Ensure to avoid fatty meals
  • Avoid cold drinks and foods that make you sick

Flu in pregnancy

This presents with fever, aches, running and stuffy nose, sore throat, sneezing, cough, chills.

Home remedies

  • Wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizers to prevent re -infection
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated
  • If you are having a temperature take acetaminophen (Tynelol)
  • Steam inhalation, menthol sweets to help clear congestion
  • Take antioxidants like vitamin c
  • Eat well, especially fruits containing antioxidants such as oranges and lemon juice


  • Taking medications not presented by your doctors such as antihistamines, ibuprofen, aspirin.
  • Most herbal drinks and teas except lemongrass or one cup of chamomile tea a day (without caffeine).



This is usually common in pregnancy and most of the times harmless, caused by an increase in blood volume and a hormonal surge in pregnancy


  • Place a cool compress over your head
  • Get adequate rest and sleep
  • Drink lots of fluid especially water
  • Take your prenatal vitamins
  • Include physical activities to your routine such as daily walks
  • You can take acetaminophen (paracetamol/tynelol) occasionally to treat your headache.


  • Herbal medications
  • Taking medications not prescribed by your doctor


Indigestion and heartburn

commonly called dyspepsia, 8 out of 10 women would experience this as the growing uterus presses on the stomach, symptoms include bloating, regurgitation, belching, feeling of fullness, and is usually worse after eating.


  • Eat small quantities of food frequently
  • Sit up straight while eating
  • Avoid going to bed immediately after eating, delay about 2-3 hours
  • Drink a glass of milk


  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Avoid triggers like bending over, eating chocolate
  • Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
  • Eat less spicy food and fatty foods


As your bump gets bigger it becomes more difficult to get a good sleep, especially since you have limited sleeping positions (lying on both sides) as advised from 16 weeks to prevent compression of major blood vessels from the growing uterus.


  • Get all the nap you can during the day
  • Use some relaxation techniques taught in antenatal classes before bedtime
  • Include some activities such as walking, swimming into your routine


  • Teas and coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking



This occurs due to the hormonal changes in pregnancy which relax the intestinal muscles hence reducing intestinal motility


  • Eat foods which are high in fiber content such as cereals, wholemeal bread, vegetables and fruits
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Maintain regular exercise


  • Iron supplements they are known to worsen constipation, except they are recommended by your healthcare provider


Occurs usually at night mostly  involving the calf muscles and feet


  • Regular gentle exercise to improve circulation
  • Gentle massage of the legs, and calf muscles


  • Pain medications except prescribed by your health care provider


Swelling of the fingers, ankles and feet

occurs due to the extra fluid accumulation in the body tissues, because the body is retaining more water and also the growing womb  puts pressures on the large veins especially the inferior vene cava which returns blood to the heart from the lower extremities causing pooling  of blood and hence force fluid into the tissues of your lower limbs hence the swelling, however if you notice swelling on our face and facial puffiness be sure to call your healthcare provider to rule out serious conditions such as pre-eclampsia


  • Foot exercises to improve circulation
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Rest your feet on a cushion as you lie down


  • Standing for long
  • Wearing tight shoes


This usually occurs if the brain is not getting enough blood and oxygen


  • Get up slowly from a sitting or lying down position
  • If in a standing position, sit down and lower your head to your knees
  • If it occurs while lying on your back turn to the other sides


  • Getting up too quickly from a sitting or a lying down position

Incontinence in pregnancy

It is common because of the relaxation urethra and pelvic floor muscles caused by pregnancy hormones and virtually all pregnant women experience varying degree of incontinence


  • Plan to use the bathroom at least every two hours, so as to empty the bladder
  • Try to control weight gain in pregnancy
  • Do pelvic floor exercise such as Kegels exercise


Urinary Tract Infections

Common symptoms include pain or burning sensation when you wee, feeling generally sick, cramps in your lower tummy or back, dark colored urine

Remedies to prevent UTI

  • Always use the toilet as soon as you have the urge to wee
  • Drink plenty fluids
  • Always wipe yourself from front to back to reduce the spread of bacteria

However report to your doctors for any of the symptoms to receive appropriate treatment.


Yeast infections

Also known as vagina candidiasis, caused by a fungi called candida albicans, it is common in pregnancy because of higher estrogen levels which makes the vagina  produce more glycogen and thus encourage the growth yeast,it presents with symptoms such as whitish vaginal discharge, though sometimes can be creamy or cottage cheese in color, orderless, itchiness, irritation, soreness, discomfort during sex, and burning sensation while urinating


To soothe the itchiness you can use an ice pack or soak in a cool bath for about 10-15 minutes

.consult your health care provider, so a sample can be taken to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe over the counter anti fungi suppository or cream that are safe in pregnancy


  • Douching in pregnancy or at any other time
  • Don’t use bubble baths, scented and perfumed soaps or feminine hygiene sprays because this could further worsen irritation
  • Avoid tight pants and pantyhose

it’s not fun being sick especially while you are pregnant, most infections also are worse in pregnancy because of the general low immunity, since you can’t avoid all sources of infection while pregnant it is important to get prenatal and antenatal cares,and practicing good personal hygiene such as regular washing of hands,not sharing cups and utensils,protect your hands while gardening, drink plenty of fluids  and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, ensure your meals are well cooked, stay away from anyone who has a contagious illness, and practice safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.