Baby Playpens, How to choose the one that fits my baby’s needs.

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There are multiple types of playpens where you leave your baby while playing. The important thing is that they are resistant and adapted to the needs of the parents and the baby.

It is common that parents need to perform another activities in which they require a lot of concentration, so it is essential that they have a place to leave their babies. While this happens, a safe option for the baby are pens.

There is a great variety: wood, grating, plastic, transportable, but it is difficult to choose the right one.

First, you must decide whether to buy a used or new yard. There is also the option that someone can give you a second hand, but in these cases and when you opt for a used one, you must take into account the date of manufacture. Ideally, after 2000, it was found that some models before that date had structural weaknesses and were more easily broken. Besides, it was much easier for the baby to escape.

Anyway, one of the basics that you should focus on to choose a playpen that the separation between the grids of the mesh is not more than half a centimeter, since any part of the baby’s body can get trapped.

The recommendation is similar in the case of wooden pens. The separation should be minimal, not more than ten centimeters. This prevents your hands, head, feet or arms from getting tangled between the edges of the pen.

If the yard has some kind of mattress or blanket, you should not add another because the baby can become entangled or drowned. If you think it’s too cold, better put more clothes on your baby.

If you choose to use the crib as a playpen, you should note that it has a weight limit, usually 13 kilos, and you should not overload it. Ideally, if you are going to use it as a playpen, this is maximum up to ten months. Thus, your baby can play quietly in it until about two years.

You may find many interesting playpens here.

Security tips

The edges of the playpen must be covered.
There should be no broken edge or element that could cause any harm to the baby.
You should not miss any screws or staples of the pen, as this could cause it to disarm and hurt your baby.
The playpen should be installed away from plugs, stairs, places where the sun directly arrives and drafts.
Do not locate two babies in a pen designed just for one.
If the barnyard has a changer, you should remove it when the baby is inside.
When installing the playpen, you must take care that each part is in the correct and firm place. Otherwise, the pen may collapse on the small one or, when leaning on the edges, an adult will fall on the baby.

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